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Frustrated King County Mom Takes Action to Protect Kids from Inappropriate Email is launched in conjunction with Internet Safety Month to offer safe and fun email portal for Tweens while keeping parents informed of youth email activity.

June 18, 2007 - King County, Wash. - In honor of Internet Safety Month, Puget Sound mom, Christine Mason has launched to help keep “tweens” ages 8-13 safe and to help parents keep track of their child's emailing activities. offers a child-safe email service for parents and their children, which lets kids communicate with their friends while helping parents stay informed and involved in their child's email activities. also serves as a fun, destination website for kids, which both kids and parents can easily navigate.'s timing couldn't be better according to a study released by Internet security provider Symantec Corporation which states four out of every five children receive inappropriate spam e-mail touting get-rich-quick schemes, loan programs, and pornographic materials.

“I was frustrated with my children constantly asking me for an email account. More importantly I was scared to death of Internet dangers, so I went in search of an email service designed for kids,” said Mason. “During my searches, I found a few email services with sites that targeted parents, but none that targeted children -- so my mission to make a difference in internet safety was born”. Because offers a secure and controlled email environment, only parents can set up an account and only parents can set up the child's address book, which restricts their child from sending or receiving email from anyone other than the names on their “buddy list”. also features a profanity filter that removes offensive words and phrases from the child's email. The filter contains words and phrases which are universally accepted as objectionable and inappropriate for children. Another filter is the Personal Information Filter which gives parents the ability to add customized words and phrases to the filter including things like addresses, phone numbers and local dialect curse words further enhance the child's security.

Through this child-safe email account, parents know their child can email friends and family without the risk of chat rooms, instant messages, spam email and inappropriate advertising. Parents also have the option of being “blind-copied” on all sent emails to an email of their choice, so that they can carefully monitor email communications.

To make a fun, destination portal for kids, the website features fun themes and other kid features, while also linking to accredited children's web pages, age-appropriate movie trailers and music options. Kids can play games from their favorite web sites such as Webkinz®, Club Penguin®, Neopets®, Cartoon Network®, Pokemon®, PBS kids®, and Nickelodeon®. New games are added on a regular basis. is free website. To sign up for an email account, visit

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