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ZillaMail is a safe email service just for kids with the option to add our one-of-a-kind safe chat service and our exclusive ZCard greeting cards. Kids can stay connected with friends and family with our renowned safety features. ZillaMail is spam free and eliminates the risks of open chat rooms, and blogs.

Choose between our free account which offers all the basic safety features ZillaMail is known for, or our premium account for $19.95/year or $1.99/month (multiple child discounts available)  that includes an unlimited buddy list, the first of its kind safe ZillaChat and ZCards.

Start 2017 With A Fantastic Deal!

For a limited time, create a  Single Child Premium Annual account for only $9.95!

Regular price: $19.95/year, Promotion price: $9.95/year.

Use Promo Code: S2017.

The design of our web page keeps kids coming back to a safe online environment. Our kids are growing up fast and they are starting younger. is a place to help teach them internet safety and to protect them from internet predators. Give us a try.

  • Parents have their own password to set up the "buddy list" in the address book (yes, you get to pick their friends). Basic free account allows up to 5 "buddy list" entries.
  • Parents can be copied on all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Kids can only receive email from their approved “buddy list”, so there is no spam.
  • Integrated profanity filter.
  • Personal Information Filter. Custom words and phrases such as the child's address, phone number can be filtered out.
  • Kids can choose from our many fun display themes.
  • IMAP access (Premium Only).
  • Unlimited Buddies in the address list (Premium Only).
  • Option to send to any address (Premium Only).
  • Organize buddies into groups so it is easy to send to the entire family (Premium Only).
  • Create Folders to organize emails (Premium Only).
  • ZCards greeting cards (Premium Only).
  • ZillaChat - Safe Instant Message to friends (Premium Only).

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